Hello there

This is a first time post!

I'm setting up some online training for my company - this will consist of many 'how-to' style videos of anything from 20 seconds to 20 minutes, with tips and advice on different areas of our business.

The filming will take place ad hoc - i.e. when I meet up with or see any of our more successful agents. This could be in random office situations, hotel bars or conference rooms etc.

It could also be filming people training a small group or speaking on stage to a larger group!

This will then be edited and used online.

Please please please can anyone offer any advice on the right camcorder; the right recording format; and whether any additional sound or light equipment may be necessary?

Also, any advice on some decent editing software would be appreciated.

If we could get the camcorder for 500 or under, that'd be great...

Please help!