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Thread: Vasst Traning DVD : Inside the Canon XHA1 & XHG1

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    Default Vasst Traning DVD : Inside the Canon XHA1 & XHG1


    I am done with this DVD.This is an advance DVD for the XHA1 & XHG1 . It is not the cheaper $30 video on EBAY .
    Selling it for 50euros .Buyer pays for shipping. (postage cost 6euros within E.U. 2euros more if you want it registered)

    Check out their sample video at their site and you will know the difference of a Vasst Traning Video.

    VASST : Inside the Canon XHA1 and XHG1

    You can buy this new for 79 U.S.D + 17.50 for shipping to Germany ,from the web store of Vasst .

    The DVD is in English and is a muilt regions DVD. The condition of this DVD is like new.

    Contact me at :
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    price drop to 50euros. Buyer pays for shipping

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    Hi Taiwee

    What country are you shipping this item from?

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    The items will be shipped from Munich Gremany .

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    Sale Pending...

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    item has been sold..

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