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Thread: Sony VX9000e or PD150

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    Default Sony VX9000e or PD150

    Hi again guys

    Any of you familiar with the above camras. I like the ideal of an lcd screen. But not sure which offers the better picture quality.

    Looking for something not to complicated to set up
    Offer great picture quality
    Pick up sound well

    Any ideals, advice would be cool


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    Personaly I like the dvx100b but the sonys work better in low light

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    I have used a vx9000e for a few years. I got one because it was the only shoulder mount camera i could afford. It is a lovely cmera to handle amd shotting from the shoulder is very stable. It draws a lot of attention and looks 'pro' to many - an effect I desired. All the controls are easy to get to as well. The viewfinder is also a proper one, not a low res lcd so you can focus manually really well. The mic is ok and they are well cheap on e bay. I have 2 and my last one was 500 quid. It takes big 3 hour dv tapes too.

    The minuses are that it is first gen dv. Used within it's perfornace boundaries it gives a good picture but there are a few negatives you should considor.

    Being first gen it is not very sensitive - a room lit by 'ordinary' lighting at night means you need to use digital gain and this means lots of video moise.
    You also need to be careful of smear caused by bright lights.

    I suspect he pd150 will be less noisy and more sensitive.

    But if you can live with the limitations it is a great value shoulder mount camera.

    I have 2 well used vxs both with faults. One has a dodgy transport and the other a busted f wire port. I keen person could probably make one good camera by swapping bits - I may put them on e bay soon as I am currently looking for something more 'pro' to replace them.

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