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    Okay, so recently my dad wanted to borrow my JVC GR-D270U Camcorder for a business trip he was going on. He told me that he accidentally thought a head cleaner tape was a regular tape and was rewinding/fast fowarding it until he finally realized it wasnt a regular tape.

    So, now any mini-dv I play back in the camera almost looks as though it were shot in a negative. I own anouther camcorder that plays mini-dv's and they look fine on the other camcorder.

    My best guess is the headcleaner did something screwy to the head? My question is, is there any way to correct this problem other than repairing the head? (Although it may just come down to that... ) Thanks to any help!!
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    Have you tried resetting the camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ers View Post
    Have you tried resetting the camera?
    Yeap, no effect.

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