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Thread: change text color word by word

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    Default change text color word by word

    i'm newbie .

    assume "GOOD MORNING"(text is in red color) is in a image file (eg.tiff or png)

    in vegas i import . i have a timeline for 10 5th second only the word "Good changes from red to white color. and at the 10th second , "Morning" shld also change to white color.

    its basically used in songs to indicate which word was being uttered.

    for eg : you can have look at this site
    :: PlanetRead ::

    but its in non-english language .

    I don't know how to do this effect . any help would be appreciated .

    thanks for u'r time

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    Off the cuff,,

    Make the text see through and have the colour on the track below and change when required.

    Use one of the pre made media items

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    hi cheema ,
    thanks for the info .You were telling abt making the text see-through .how do u have a see-through text(sorry i'm new to this).i know text in a transparent background but i don't know abt transparent text. as u say i can have the color file on the next layer .is it possible to script(to automate) the creation of keyframes on the parent track motion .

    then how shld i go abt writing the script?(basic object i need to work with)

    also we have discussed one way , are there better alternatives available ?

    thank you friend.

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    You could drop the chroma key filter and se the dropper to make the text transparent, then add the colour media underneath.

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    create 3 images:

    1) with all in red
    2)with one word in white
    3) all in white

    fade em through eachother!

    transparent PNG's work best in vegas

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    hi friends ,

    thanks for u'r help i was able to create desired effect. what i did was put the white text (png file ) in first video track. in 2nd video track i had the red background like a bar over the first .in 3rd video track i have the same text again.

    what i did was i changed the compositing mode of the 1st video track to be mask instead of the source alpha. then i got the white text in red color because it was masked. so i created keyframes in the 2nd video track (where the red bground image was ) for the "y-position" in the track motion window .which syncs with a audi0 file in track 4. so i got the desired effect .

    i will also try out the chroma key filter as cheema suggested .

    irish u meant inidividual words in a line (in u'r 2nd point)?

    1 doubt . does png has good quality, i know its lossless? i 'm using photoshop cs2 to create that.does it have any parameters to increase the quality.

    thanks for the support .
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