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Thread: Selling 35mm Adapter (Brevis) Munich Germany

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    Default Selling 35mm Adapter (Brevis) Munich Germany

    I have just finished shooting an assignment and I am currently selling my new unused Brevis 35mm adapter.

    I bought 2 for a particular assignment but I used only one. The other was for back-up, incase one fails. Well as the first one works fine, the other was never used. I received the adapters on the 23th of June 2007 (less then 1 week ago).You can verify with Dennis Wood of Cinevate for the shipping date. You get 1 year warranty from Cinevate. The Adapther is brand new, still wrap in paper from the manufacturer.I bought some extras gears, but never got to used them too. So they are all in new condition. The only thing that was used , is the Rails System. It has some use marking on it.I am selling them as a set. The adapater is on the left of the picture is the one for sale.

    The items for sale are:

    1 Brevis HD Bundle with Nikon mount & CF1L (new)
    1 Canon FD Mount (new)
    1 CF2 (new)
    1 CF3 (new)
    1 Spacer (new)
    1 Rails System Stainless Steel (used)

    The above items when new will cost over 1600 euros (Canadian $1817.45 + tax + shipping to Germany) from Cinevate

    I am asking for 1250 euros with free registered shipping within Gremany. You save about 400 euros, depending on the exchange rate.I take bank transfer within E.U. If using paypal, please add 3% and buyer pays for Shipping if shipping is within E.U or oversesas.

    I will also give the buyer a self-build emergency battery pack, it helps to power the Brevis for an extra 48hours or If the internal cells are completely drained, the battry pack will partially charge them, and allow immediate operation of the smart charger.I have also changed the AC plug to the european two pins plug.If needed, I can also give you the 3 Pin U.K Plug instead of the 2 pin european plug.

    The Brevis 35mm adapter is the brightest 35mm adapter in the market.It give all video camera a depth of filed of a film camera. The Brevis has interchangeble diffuser, It is light weight, made of carbon firbe.It fits all video camera from 43mm up to 82mm. From a small Canon HV20 to a Panasonic HVX200.The diameter of the Brevis is 72mm. One must use a step-up or step down ring if one's camera is smaller or bigger than 72mm. You can buy the rings at any camera shop or you can buy it at Cinevate.

    Below are a few footages shot with a Brevis.Please note that all footage are compressed.
    The Goal

    For the picture of this Adapter go here:
    Brevis 35mm adapter (new) - Toytown Germany

    For more information over the Brevis, Go here to visit the shop at : Cinevate

    Email me at taiwee(at) or call me at 015771956969.
    Self Pick is welcome. The items are in Munich Germany.
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    Sale Pending...

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    Item has been sold...

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