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    ok so i have 2 questions, can you make a stealth effect in after effects, sort of like the metal gear solid stealth, the technical name for it is phase cloak, cause it bends light, but i wanna try and create that effect, any ideas?

    and is it possible to make stuff from After effects into a .gif file. i wanna make some of my work into animated gifs ^_^
    oh the good old days.........

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    I've no idea what a phase cloak is from Metal Gear Solid. Is this anything like the cloaking effect in the movie Predator? If so, I can tell you how I did mine in Warning though. It's not difficult but it takes an age to do.

    As for AE exporting a animated gif. never seen it done yet. However, you can export to a series of still images so if you have a package that let's your pieces these together into an animated gif then you'll be away.

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    yea its the same kinda cloak as that........ just wondered how it was done so if i wanted to do it in the future i could. thanks. link doesnt work thought.... unless thats just me.
    oh the good old days.........

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