I've also posted this on the Canopus forums however it appears that everyone is more concerned about bitching about things there and not trying to help. I know that several members here are Canopus users so I figured that I'd give it a try and post here to see if anyone had experience with my problem.

In the last couple of weeks I've found a strange problem while running Premier Pro and the 1.06 version drivers (also happened with 1.05) which is making my capture of tapes very difficult.

Has anyone else noticed if their system is capturing audio and video in sync while using the "capture tape" option in Premier Pro?

I just finished a wedding where I had to shift all the audio tracks at various parts of the tape anywhere from 11 frames + to 5 frames - and just last night I captured a 59min Bat-Mitzvah where the audio is out of sync, again by varied amounts.

I'm not getting this same problem when capturing in the Premier Pro default codec and not the Canopus engine.

FYI, I capture from a JVC Mini-DV / VHS dual deck via firewire to the Raptor RT2 Max card and everything is recorded on striped tapes from that machine then filmed on a GL2.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on or what I may be able to try to get my audio to sync back up on capture. It's all in sync on the GL2 and on the JVC so this is exclusive to capture.