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Thread: Copying dvd-r how?

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    Default Copying dvd-r how?

    Hi all Just got myself a sony DCR- 100E love it upto now, anyway i have been able ro copy a dvd-rw no problem using nero 6 but i cant copy a dvd-r any idea why?. i know it may be obvious but again i am new to dvd copying so thanks for any input you give.

    p.s i have tryed copying to dvd/-/rw also dvd-r also dvd+r

    my nero software reads and copys the 8mm dvd-r disk but wont burn it to any dvd format i described above. yet it works ok with dvd-rw.?

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    Nero has so many burning options so it can be many things, I'll list some potential reasons.

    1: Your -rw has more space than your -r and +r?

    2: Your -r and +r are not empty?

    3: Your burning setup while burning -rw differs from your burning setup while burning -r or +r?

    Neros main program can't burn avi files and such so if it is an avi file you're trying to burn you'll have to convert it to an image file or DVD-file before burning or use Nero express, I recomend the first.

    It may be easier to help if you write the error message.

    I have had a movie on my computer for several months wich I can't burn with Nero. Maybe we have the same problem


    Excuse my english

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