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Thread: Screen width problems?

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    Question Screen width problems?

    My new camcorder seems to record in widescreen mode and not normal mode. I make a lot of videos for YouTube so I need this problem fixed.

    I've looked everywere to try and fix this problem but couldn't.

    Any ideas?

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    I would personally argue that widescreen should be considered 'normal' but that's a bit beside the point isn't it?

    I have one camera that has a settign to flip to and from widescreen. Check you camcorder manual to make sure you haven't missed the setting first.

    other than that I think it;s doen to what videoi editting s/w you use as to how to get widescreen footage into a 4:3 project. What s/w do you use? but typically you would import the widescreen clips and either chop off the left and right to get 4:3 or scale down a littel and have black bars topand bottom. How you do this will depend on the specific s/w.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I seem to have got everything working now

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