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Thread: black frame on render

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    Default black frame on render

    Hi, just found this site....I have just shot a project using widescreen on the camera. The captured footage looks fine on the timeline, but as soon as I render I look to my preview monitor and a black frame appears round the picture? I ticked the box do not letterbox, I am rendering in pal avi really appreciated thanks

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    The 2 things I check are

    1] Project settings

    GO >> File >> Properties . . .

    What are settings there?

    2] FX Border

    Check to see if you have inadvertently applied an FX Border to the Project?


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    Default black borders

    Hi, thanks, yes checked, I work on two monitors, the footage in the timeline is fine, and on the other monitor, but when i go to render, the footage then shows a black border on the preview monitor.....and then saves with it?? only happens on footage from widescreen capture...4:3 is fine. I tried changig settings to widescreen, and do not letterbox, but no difference....odd thanks for any help

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