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    Im using adobe premier elements 1.0 and when I try to burn to DVD its giving me this messsage ( A Serious error has occurred that requiers adobe premier elements to shut down) Is there anyway around this ?? Or am i just screwed
    Please someone help!! Thanks

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    I used to use Elements 1, and although I don't remember getting that particular error, there were times when it failed to burn. I got round this by burning it to a file on the hard drive, and then using other DVD burning software to actually put it on DVD. Trying to use Premiere Elements to burn straight to DVD has a risk that if it does fail, you have to start the encoding process all over again. At least using some other software to burn it eliminates this risk. I use Sonic Record Now DX that came with a Sony DVD burner I bought off ebay. It works on the non Sony DVD burner in my editing computer as well, which is handy.

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    I agree. I use Adobe encore DVD for my disks and I've never yet asked it to do the burn. I always create a disk image (VIDEO_TS folder) on my hard drive and then burn the actual disk using Nero.


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