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    I found many of the previous Mic threads very helpful but I dont think my purpose for a mic is quite the same. I am looking to purchase a mic to use for voice over in Pinnacle Studio projects. I am currently using a very cheap headset unit and have a horrible issue with hissing and breathing noises. I would like to purchase a new mic but dont understand what type of mic will best suite my needs. My voice recordings are done in a room with two computers so I would like to find a mic that I can plug into my computer and will just pick up the voice that is speaking into it...not computer hums, not breathing , and not hissing. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!!! I prefer not so spend a lot but understand that sometimes a higher price is necessary. I would like to stay under $100. Thank you.

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    There are a few microphones which work directly with a USB connector. One in your price range is the MXL USB.006 which is about $100 or so. Much, much better is the SE Electronics USB2200A which is just over twice the price. I haven't used either of them but SE Electronics has a good reputation for value for money microphones.
    These are the two main microphones which, I've heard, sound good when recording voices.

    MXL - MXL USB Mics

    SE Electronics - Welcome to sE Electronics

    There are others made by Rode and Samson which are more expensive than the MKL but not as good as the SE Electronics.
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    I would also suggest that recording voiceovers near 2 running computers is less than ideal, you may get an unacceptable level of background noise , but i really am no expert on sound.

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    Hi Mark, I agree that Recording in a room with two computers is not ideal. At this point in time it may be my only option. I have seen some blurbs about ways to help in these conditions...I dont know if they will help when I purchase a new mic...I looked into the MXL USB.006 but couldn't but notice how people said it produced a high pitch back noise...any suggestions are appreciated. I also saw that you use Vegas 6. In the past few months I have dedicated a lot of time to Pinnacle Studios but wonder now that I have learned my ways a bit if a different software would be better for me. I have been looking into Vegas or Adobe Premeire. I experience a lot of strange issues with Pinnalce projects but usually can find a strange fix or work around (and I am working with a very suitable computer)I experience prob with dropping in transitions or possibly not being able to move clips in a project once inserted if I can even insert them at all, a project can be fine one minute and not the next. I would like to know if this is the case with all video editing?? Its just frustrating that I have to delete a clip, stand on my head, undelete a clip, turn three times, insert a clip and voila it might work! Woooah way off topic, but now that I got ya...Thank you!


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    Sorry for butting in....well I guess not sorry enough since I'm still doing it... As for the pinnicle issue I used it for awile but it would crash, transitions, fades ec.. would disapear. It was almost enough to get me stop alltogether. Then I bought premiere 6.5 then finally vegas 6. Now I use vegas 7 and will not go back, its stable, has good support, scripts, you cant go wrong with vegas. One way to help with picking up on the breathing is to use a screen when recording also when recording words that "pop" Like words with "p" and "t" is to turn your face a little just as say them.

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