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Thread: Advice on purchasing my camcorder

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    Red face Advice on purchasing my camcorder

    I have a budget of 300 - 400 but it would be nice to see some change (my new vista is screaming for a gig more ram )

    I know I want these features:


    I don't know if I need these?

    Optical image stabilistion ( I will be using the cam as handheld for various things, but have a tripod already too)

    But I know I dont need these:

    HD format

    I had my heart set on perhaps the panasonic nv-gs300 but can't find it anywhere (discontinued) not even ebay.

    I don't mind second had at all!

    It's a real minefield out there, I try to keep up to date with the latest technology but even this has eluded me, so much choice!

    I want something that's gonna help my creative side with some creative film-making not just pointing and shooting family birthday parties etc I wanna make some short but creative films.

    Any help from the more experienced than I guys ?


    EDIT: I'm not one for high street retailers but comet do have a special price on a sony dcr-hc39e from 359 to 250 because of a damaged box, Any good?(tho im not a fan of sony) and also I've found a panasonic nv-gs200 for 200 again another potential?
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