HI Guys,

I didnt want to start another thread with the amount of them flying around but couldn't find anything on these 2 that im interested in only the GS300

I'm interested in a panasonic too but am between the GS230EF-S and GS320EF-S.

the main differences are the lens i think and the inputs. Strange that the 320 doesn't have mic and headphone plugs and the cheaper one does.

Is this something i would need in a camcorder or pay a little more for the 320?

Is there a big difference between the 2 lenses? as i dont know the difference.

I did have a GS4 if that helps and am looking for something similiar as the ribbon circuit on my old camera is rip somehow?

Any one know where i could get one to fix the current camcorder as i would like a new camcorder and repair and sell the old one.

Thanks alot for any help