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Thread: HD or MiniDV?

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    Default HD or MiniDV?

    Which of the formats would you recommend for a camcorder, which will be used to film a movie to be projected in theaters? I know the basis about the formats But what makes HD better and miniDV worse?

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    I tend to read HD as 'High Def' but the context of your post makes it want to read more as 'Hard Drive'. Which did you really mean?

    If your question is one of why is high def better than standard def then the answer is in the question and blatantly obvious. I'll assume that's not what you meant.

    Hard Drive (HDD) vs MiniDV. Well, if the information you are writing to either type of media is the same then for convenience use a hard drive as you will have no need to 'capture' the footage to your PC. It's just a file copy from the hard drive it;s recorded on.

    Typically though the new ranges of hard drive camcorders tend to write a compressed form of the vide to the hard drive. The fact that it is compressed make it worse rather than better than miniDV which tends to be an uncompressed format which can more esily be editted.

    Let me knwo if I've misunderstood what you are asking.

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    I'm trying to find out some info from forums like this and it is such a co-incidence that this is EXACTLY the info I'm looking for. I'm just a hobbiest and have been using a miniDV camera for a few years for family stuff and at the end of each year edit it up and burn to a DVD with photos etc.

    I've just bought a Sony HDD camera with intention to do the same but am starting to get idea that people think it's not good. The quality looks the same, so just what is more difficult with MPG files and editing? That is, what sorts of problems will I encounter? A quick trial in Vegas shows the files act the same as those captured from miniDV - I'm confused why people are against them. Can you enlighten please? I realise they are compressed but haven't been able to get a grip on how that makes editing hard.

    Sorry to jump on your thread, but I thought this would be relevant to the original poster.

    Any help appreciated.


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