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    Default Creating Split Screens

    Hi I'm using Adobe Premiere 6

    What I want to do is create a split screen but without cropping the actual footage. Basically, what I'm creating is a language tool with profiles of the face from the front and side that need to synchronise. At the moment it is taking me ages to manually cut up the front and side videos and synchronising them in flash afterwards. What would be ideal is if I can put the two clips side by side in Premier, that way it would save me loads of time. The final 'screen size' will probably have to be double the width of the two clips so they can sit side by side, I can always mask off the unwanted video areas in flash later

    Is there a way of doing this at all?

    Many thanks


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    Put one video in the main video track, and one in a superimpose layer.

    Right click on the video in the supimpose layer and select Video Option > Motion to bring up the following screen:

    First select the Start point in the top right window. Now type the percentage you want the video resized to in the zoom box. (I would choose 49% here). Then click on the Start position in the top right window and move the video to where you want it located. Click the end point and again zoom to 49%. Move it to the same location as your start point. Set the fill colour to black (click on the area underneath fill color, then put zeros in Red, Green and Blue.)

    We now need to set the transparency colour so that we can see the clips underneath. So right click on your clip again and select Video Options > Transparency. Now set the Key type to RGB difference and the colour to black as before. Click OK. It would be better to set the colour to green and use a green screen key, but I can't remember how to do this off hand,

    Repeat for the second clip the seperate video track.
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    Two comments Marc...

    How come you have time to put a reply like that together when you're supposed to be at work? and

    The dudes looking cool with Sunglasses in your clip. Is this a scene from you upcoming production "Reservoir Puppies"!

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    1) the trusty copy and paste It's kinda detailed in one of my guides, so I picked out and ammended the "juicy bits".

    2) dudes in sunglasses are from my trip to barca a few summers ago. I won't bore you with the video
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    thanks guys, i'll try your suggestions out and let you know how i got on!

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    Default re:split screen

    hi there, firstly excuse the delay but other jobs got in the way!

    I tried doing what you suggest, although i can't get the clip in the lower (non transition) layer to show up.

    Firstly I put one track on Video 2 and applied the motion effect as you instructed, then I did the transparency

    The other track I placed on Video 1 (this I did before applying the motion to Video 2). I then applied the motion effect to the clip on Video 1.

    Lastly I rendered the work area, however, all I get is just the clip on Video 2 just showing up and just black. What do you think I'm doing wrong?



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