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Thread: Bad audio quality when capturing :(

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    Unhappy Bad audio quality when capturing :(

    I'll start with introducing myself... I'm new to this forum and I'm from Sweden so you'll have to excuse my english (it sucks).

    Well of to the problem background (it may be important): I've had 2 DVcameras before the one I'm using now. Both these DVcams have broke down and refused to let me import video to my computer. That sucks cause I realy love editing and saw no other way out then to by a THIRD DVcam.

    When I tried my NEW DVcam with pinnacle it wouldn't import the video wich was very sad. But I have tried many other software and with all of these I get the same problem wich I realy and deaply hope you can help me with. The problem: When I import the video (with firewire of course) the video quality is perfect but the audio quality sucks. It is the right audio but it sounds like when someone screams to high in a bad microphone. But on the DVcamera the audio qulity is good.

    Please, please help me. I've tried realy hard to solve this problem for a long time now but I'm stuck. Do you have any idea how I can improve the audio quality of the imported video? Is there something I can do to isolate the problem? ANY help is REALY welcome.


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    I have never come across this befor. It sounds like it mat be a problem with the pc - not very helpful to you I know.

    Maybe you could try a new firewire card. I really am not a PC expert so I cant really offer any quality advice but i feel your pain....

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    I took your advice Mark W and bought a new fire wire card. But unfortunally the audio porblem is still the same :(

    This realy sucks, I love editing and I have a REALY bad abstinence right now. Any advices are very warmly welcomed. I'm realy stuck. I need help troubleshoting, help me find troubleshoting-ways please! I'm on my knees...

    Peace and sorry for my bad english...

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