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Thread: "Re-animate the decemberists" raw footage

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    Default "Re-animate the decemberists" raw footage

    A while back, MTV had a contest called "Re-animate the decemberists". It had a bunch of angles of the band playing in front of a green screen.

    Here's the site:
    Re-animate The Decemberists - Winning Video

    Does anyone know where I could find that footage? They had a dolly shot with trackers on the screen. I'm doing the same thing for my next video and wanna get some practice with Shake.
    If not that, then any dolly shot with a green screen and trackers?


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    From someone who D/L'd it I guess... Or Have you tried contacting the guys involved in the comp?

    Why not make your own test footage though? looking at your vids on youtube looks like you've got the screen. placing a few trackers up is no big deal, they just need to contrast the B/G so the software can "see" them clearly, then just pan across the scene. Smooth panning or not the tracking will work exactly the same, and the extra 'wobbling' (if you don't have, or can't be bothered to set up a dolly) just makes the final product look more believable anyway.

    That video stream doesn't work outside US btw...

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    Well, I was using my poorly lit, badly wrinkled green screen for my videos so far.
    I just finished a DIY dolly and I'm building a PVC support for the green screen.

    I guess you're right... I'll do a test as soon as I get the fabric back from the lady who is graciously sewing them together for me.

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