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Thread: Dv video bad quality

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    Default Dv video bad quality

    the quality of my Mini Dv camera is all dark and kinda off color

    any way of improving the quality of the Dv video without paying 1000's of dollars to buy a HD camera?

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    All depends on what camera you have and where/when you are shooting.

    For example, shooting indiirs uinder artificial lights will typically give a colour cast that needs correcting in 'post'. this is normal and not a camera fault.

    Also, you may have the wrong setting son your camera if the image is generally dark. Maybe it;s in manual mode and the seetings are for bright daylight.

    Just guessing based on info given so far.

    other than that, there are things that can be done to add b rightness. they work but generally introduce 'noise' though. Colour casting or grading is common enough and can be done well. Whatr s/w do you have/use?

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    Can you post an example frame, but I should think Alan has just sbout got it covered.

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    i don't have a frame of video yet but its a samsung sc-d363

    and its being captured on a usb cord

    the video is only like 320x240

    thats not even mini dv quality what am i doing wrong?

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    OK. let's take a step back here. You are first doing somethign fundamentally wrong so let's fix that first and then worry about the colour ro darkness of your video ok?

    You have a miniDV camcorder and are cpaturing across a USB lead right? Wrong!

    To preserve the image you shot you absolutely need to capture across a firewire connection to your computer.

    It's a curious thing that they always supply a USB lead when you should rarely if ever actually need it and neve supply a firewire lead which you absolutely WILL need to get yoru videos across to your compputer for editting (or whatever).

    Also, you may find that you have no firewire port on your PC. If you don;t then get one. They only cost a few pound nowadays and compared to the cost of the camera and maybe the s/w you bought to edit your video footage, the cost of a PCI firewire card is pretty negligable.

    So then, make sure you capture across firewire and not USB then come back and tell us how nice your video footage is. If it;s not nice we can attack the question again then ok?

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