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    Hello all I am hoping you might be able to help me out a bit.
    After burning my video to dvd using encore dvd 2.0 their is an audio sync problem.
    It seems to be only after about the half way point or so when the audio is slightly ahead of the video. It is very minimal, maybe a couple frames, 5 or 10 max, but considering the amount of time i put into this and the fact the whole video is very precisely synched to music I need to solve this problem.
    Since the first half of the dvd seems ok I was thinking my next option might be use multiple timelines instead of 1 timeline with multiple clips connecting. I dont know why Im thinking this I just am.
    Anyway here is what i have done so far;
    right after i first got it burned i had to re-install windows due to an unrelated problem.
    I have updated to the lastest to the latest firmware for my dvdrw drive as well as updating my graphics card.
    I also checked the timeline in encore dvd to make sure the clips were not just misaligned and i also checked the clips once transcoded, but they seem ok - it isn't until written to dvd that i get the problem
    I also tried lowering my burn speed a few times with no luck

    This is what I am thinking of trying next: a] making the single timeline into 2 or more timelines (my thinking is that for some reason it would could make a difference but what do I know - I work by trial and error)
    b] manually shifting the audio a few frames in the timeline so it is out of sync in encore hoping it realigns once on dvd (this is actually the last thing I like to have to do since I dont know exactly how many frames out it is)
    c] build an image or dvd folder from encore and burn from a different program (I'm thinking this shouldn't make a difference since it seems to me to be something to do with my burner rather than encore dvd)
    d] bang my head against the wall in frustration

    Also I have sucessfully burned dvd out of encore in the past so I know it can work
    I once had a similar problem but that was when I tried pilling like 2.5 hours onto the dvd where as this time its more like 40min so I dont think thats why

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Oh my computer has the following

    samsung dvdrw ts-h552b
    2.2ghz amd athlon 64
    3 gb ram
    450gb hard drive, etc
    much easier with a computer

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    I never trust Encore to keep audion and video in sync because I've had problems like yours in the past. I assume that since you are using Encore you are also using Premiere Pro and that your project is all nicely synched up OK on the timeline.
    What you need to do is encode your project to MPEG2 using the Adobe Media Encoder (File/Export/Adobe Media Encoder), select a suitable MPEG2 template, click on the Multiplexer option and make sure the Multiplexing button is selected. This will interleave your audio with the video to give you a single MPEG2 file that you can import into Encore - there is no way the audio can get out of sync.
    So the rule is: do all your editing in Premiere, export one or two MPEG2 files and do all the DVD authoring in Encore

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    Thanks for the response GentleGiant. So ya I was using After Effects for the editing where I exported an avi file containing both audio and video - then let encore take care of the mpeg2 encoding.

    However I believe I have fixed the problem by changing the audio encoding from dolby digital to pcm in the encore preferences.
    I need to scrutinize over it a while longer because I think I might be expecting problems and even though I do believe it is fixed I am gonna be scepticle till I examine it 100 more times.

    but thanks for the advice. So you suggest exporting to mpeg from AE or PP - Is that still applicable since I did not import the audio and video separately into encore? I did not export the audio files as separate files from audition.
    And also I did check the files once encoded in encore and they seemed fine.

    Anyway Im gonna try what you suggested and see what happens.
    much easier with a computer

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