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Thread: Premiere and After Effects Troubles

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    Default Premiere and After Effects Troubles

    Hi. I'm new to the forums, anyway to my problem. Now I have both the programs specified above after effects and premier. I did the effects in after effects and then i did export as PREMIER project and it is all fine.

    But when i open the new project it says some video filters are missing, i understand what it means but its just annoying.

    If i want to edit an after effects movie, what must i do?

    thx, the post probabally doesnt make alot of sense im not very good haha

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    You can only import an After Effects project into Premiere if all the effects you used in the AE project exist as effects in your PPro installation also.

    If not, and this seems to be the case then you will need to export your final render from AE to a lossless format AVI, PNG files or something and then import that as an asset into your Premier Pro project.

    It's much easier to go the other way actually. Importing a PPro project into AE works much more often.

    Also, your workflow changes again (for the better) if you have Production Studio.

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