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Thread: Don't want to lose Hi-8 fim

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    Default Don't want to lose Hi-8 fim

    I'm currently using a Sony CCD-TRV46E for family films (football, parties etc). It records in Hi-8 and I don't want to lose what's on those tapes.

    I'm thinking of changing my cam to something a bit more up to date (probably a Canon miniDV) but what should I do to make sure I can still play those old Hi-8 tapes in the future? I don't want to lose them - and it would be great to play them through my new Panasonic 37" plasma if possible...

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    Definitely purchase a Mini DV camcorder over any of the other formats as it has a feature that will help you achieve what you want to do. When you decide on what model of Mini DV camcorder to purchase just make sure it has either AV in or S-Video in and DV out. This will allow you to connect your HI - 8 to either the AV in or for best picture quality use the S-Video socket instead (unfortunately it doesn't carry sound - I think they missed a great opportunity there) and connect the sound output from the HI - 8 to your computers sound card. The settings you will need to make in your Mini DV menu settings are AV in, if you are using AV, or S-Video in and DV out, which should be set as default. This will allow you to run the video from the HI - 8 through the Mini DV and out to the computer using a Firewire cable, you've turned your Mini DV camcorder into an analogue to digital convertor.

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    it may not be an ideal solution but you could shop for the best camcorder for your shooting needs and get a stand alone digi-8 desktop (studio) player/recorder which would allow you to play the tapes back to your uber screen tv and digitize the footage to the computer should you need to...

    be sure the spec includes playback of standard and hi-8 tapes, of course.

    if you can track down an old sony trv-120 those cool little digi-8 camcorders played old 8mm, hi-8 and digi 8 tapes and allowed analog passthrough and connected via firewire to your computer.

    maybe eBay?
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