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Thread: Adobe affects DVD burn times

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    Default Adobe affects DVD burn times

    I have an XP system with an LG 16x burner and use Nero 7 to burn my DVD, Pinnacle Studio 9 & 10 to compile my DVD, with no probs except I can only get the LG to work at 8x.
    I recently tried to install Adobe Prem Elements 3 ontop of the system above.
    All seemed OK , but when I later tried to do a backup copy of a DVD using Nero, it took 40 mins instead of the usual 8mins. I tried another but still 40 mins. Thinking Adobe had overwritten something in Nero I reinstalled Nero, still 40 mins. I reinstalled the LG.. same. I deinstalled Adobe.. same.
    I went back to a previous System Restore point.. same.
    I installed an old HDD with a working XP on it and the LG worked fine.
    I eventually had to go back to my last backup to get back to normal.
    So, I have been using the system for a week since... until I tried to install a copy of Adobe Prem Pro 2... guess what happened next
    Anyone got any ideas why Adobe should do this

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    Form my own experience it;s not likely to be the Adobe s/w at all.

    Could be ewither of a couple of other things that have happened to me personally...

    The blank media you inserted is not accredited 16x or 8x or whatever. Don;t know how it works but these drives seem to 'know' how fast the particular blank media is and adjust accordingly. Even if your blank media is labeleld as 8x or 16x then it may just be a bad one that can only be written at at 1x.

    Or. Late last year my DVD burner was consistently slower and slower. From conversations I had it seemed to be the case that DVD/CD burners to 'wear out' sort of. The laser get unfocusd or something. SO with an unfocused laser the best good burn you can get is 1x instead of the hop0ed for 8x. I spent 20 (UKP) on a new burner and burn times have jumped right up (or down!) again and all is rosey.

    Anyway, those are my personal experiences.

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    Ok thanks for that, but the issue is not media.. repeat NOT MEDIA or burner.
    I proved the point by installing a backup hdd with an older XP system on it and I did a Nero burn at my normal 8 minutes.
    Somehow Adobe is affecting my burner after install and to further prove the point, without Adobe installed I am now back to normal using the same XP system of a week previous, same burner and same media..
    I understand from searching Adobe forums that there are some issues with XP SP2 and Adobe.. can't find out what those issues are though at present, but both Microsoft and Adobe are trying to resolve.
    I was hoping someone here knew of a reason.
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