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    Default Need help with special effect

    It is hard to describe but I want to do the special effect where it appears there are four of me but it just like 4 videos with the same background but me moving layered on top of each or something. Kinda like in the beginning of Pimp My Ride. First, my head comes up from the bottom of the screen, then another one of my heads comes up from the left side then the top then the bottom. So its like four heads of the same person talking at the same time. How do I do this?

    I am sorry if this is unclear, I am completely new to video editing.

    Oh and I was planning to put this as a myspace picture (like a animated gif) and just have it repeat. Anybody know if there is a size limit on myspace pictures?

    Thanx for the help.

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    This is actually easy enough most of the time. As long as the different version of you do not overlap i.e. one version goes behind another than this can be done as follows.

    First place camera on a good tripod. If the camera moves at all then all is lost and you need to start again. Hence the term 'good' in there.

    Setup constant lighting. So that each of the four 'you's is the same. or more impoartantly the backgrounds are the same.

    Shoot four copies of you doing 'your thang'.

    Capture the four shots and pull into your favourite editor.

    place the four clips on four layers of the same timeline.

    Now the interesting part...

    Apply garbage matts around each of the top three clips to show through the ones below.

    The trick here is to not overlap of this will not work. Also, if the lighting changes (like it probably will if you do it in natural lilght i.e. outside) then you'll see the difference as you start peeling away the layers.

    IF you have a compositing tool like After Effects your job is made easier/better. Masking capabilities tend to be better and more flexible to get a better job.

    If the versions of you overlap then your job becomes tons harder as you will need to mask the clips much more carefull and accurately around the edges of you frame by frame. no fun indeed.

    If you do need to overlap then do things a different way to make life easier. Shoot all four version in front of a bluescreen and then just composit those over any old background you like.

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