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Thread: My first short film - "Lords of the World?"

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    Default My first short film - "Lords of the World?"

    Hi Folks,

    After over a year in production I've finally released the first part of "Lords of the World?", my first short film.

    Check it out, hope you like it.

    TMO medias - Lords of the World?

    Any questions or comments feel free to post here or by PM.

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    I really enjoyed your movie. I liked the plot, the music in the background and the filmmaking. I think you should increase the contrast on some of the dramatic scenes though. Like this scene:

    One thing that got me confused is why the main characters wanted to leave the house in the first place, why did they follow all the aliens everywhere? I think you should make one of the Aliens destroy your house so you need to get somewhere. Also, I don't think gasoline would make that big of an explosion, (especially killing the aliens but not themselves) inside a 5 gallon plastic can. I think you should work on the end a little more.

    Overall, great movie.
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    Cheers for that Ethan glad you liked it on the whole.

    Without wanting to give too much away the second part is currently being written so the end isn't the end if you know what I mean. Plus there is a twist on the barrel of fuel and the origin of the explosion. If you look carefully it's derv going into the container which is diesel and this doesn't explode simply with a lit fuse. So where does the explosion come from? All will be revealed with more advanced film making as we've learned a hell of a lot in a year.

    I like the idea of increasing contrast in dramatic scenes, I'll give that a go.

    Any more for more?

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    I thought it was very well done. Can't wait to see the next bit.

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