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Thread: Mixing Multiple Video Sources

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    Default Mixing Multiple Video Sources

    I have shot a dance recital onto digital video and dumped it into Premier Elements 3.0 . Now I have two copies ( distant full, zoomed detail ) on my time line. How do you view the Video 1 or Video 2 to see which one you want to mix at this time in the timeline? I want to be able to view both video sources to see which one I want to go to at that point. Anyone done this or have an info? Thanks in advance!

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    If you have video on tracks 1 and 2, the one on track 2 will show in the preview window. To see track 1, right click video 2 and click 'enable'. There will be a tick next to it, clicking will remove it, and then you should be able to see the video on track 1 in the preview window.

    I haven't used Elements 3 much at all and I haven't found the cutter tool or its equivalent. If you find it, let me know.

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    I think what you were perhaps hoping for was a multi-camera editing feature, but this cannot be done with Elements.

    Premiere Pro 2.0 and above can do it.

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    You could try putting them on different layers. Set the opacity of the top layer to 50%. You can then see both layers overlayed and should be able to judge when to make your cuts between them. Once done, then set the opacity back up.

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    Default Premier

    I also have access to premier Pro, how would I accomplish this in Pro? Thank You!

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