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    I have premier 2. I was wondering if I can merge two projects together? I have one project where the beginning and end clips are set and I then want to use that with new projects where I drop in the middle clips. Can anyone explain if and how I can do this please. In other words, is there anyway I can add the already set project clips with all their transitions, titles, music into the library of my new project so that I can drop it into the timeline?

    Thanks for any help.

    ps. Another question - I am uploading my finished rendered clip onto a streaming video host - which then compresses again, resulting in not too great a finished movie. I have overcome this a bit by rendering as an avi file in Premiere which gives a better sharper image when its compressed again for streaming, but there is unfortunately motion blur on fast movements using this method - anything I can do to diminish this?

    If I can achieve a better end result by purchasing a better software, than please say.

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    I thought you could import one project into another in Premiere Pro 2. That would most certainly give you what you want. I know you can in AE but thought you could in PPro too. Apologies if I've remembered it wrong.

    If it's something you use often though you might actually be better to export it out in a lossless format and then just import that into the second project to save render times everytime you use it.

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    If you go into File>Import> and then find the other project then it will import it into the project window you currently have open. It does work I have just tried it!!

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