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Thread: monitor colour different to tv colour

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    Default monitor colour different to tv colour

    ive got this simple issue,
    when i edit video in vegas it looks okay, colour wise,
    the sme video when rendered and played back on a tvscren seems to have a big difference in colour, monitor colour is great on monitor but doesnt look right on tv??

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    All tvs look different, and tvs always look very different to monitors.

    Tvs do lots of picture processing to 'improve' the picture, like enhancing edges, increasing dynamic range.

    I think the best way round this is to have a tv set up as a monitor with your editing set up. I dont like using the tv as a preview window for editing as they are a pain on the eyes but having one set up to check how things look is useful.

    This can be done without too much trouble. Vegas outputs the preview screen through the pcs firewire port in real time. You need a dv to analogue convertor, use a canopus box (130 quid) or a dv camera with a dv in (some have) / analog out (all have).

    I keep meaning to set this up but most of my stuff goes on the web and isnt commercial so i dont worry too much.

    What might also help is to open the vectorscope (view menu) and keep levels within the set limits. I am going out on a limb a bit here as I am not a tv expert but I undertand that there are clear limits on how high chroma and luma levels can go, and that (i think) is what the scope is telling you.

    Hopefully someone wiser than i on this subject will amplify on this - Guru maybe.

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    i use a s-video cable hooked from laptop to tv, use tv as external monitor, but it isnt always conveniant, thanks for the tip though

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