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    Hey everyone, I've got a bunch of clips from my cell phone i want to edit into one video. The first thing i was wondering was, will the 3gp file type work in winmoviemaker?, if not im going to need either a program (preferbly free) that supports 3gp files or that can convert my 3gp files into somthing that windows movie maker can use.

    o yeah and one more thing.. im runing windows xp, and i cant find windows movie maker anywhere.. do i not have it, or is it just extremely hidden?

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    Odd - on my xp it is in 'all programs' in start menu. I think i may have moved it from accesories. Not sure.

    My fav video convertor is the free and versatile 'super c'. Convert to wmv and it should work fine.

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    Thanks a lot very helpful

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