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Thread: Sony Vegas Capture Problem

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    Default Sony Vegas Capture Problem

    Anyone have capture problems after the fact?

    Using Vegas 6.0 on a PC with 100GB of separate storage space. Camera is Sony DCR-TRV320. Captured three previous tapes with success. This fourth one is trouble.

    Changes prior to last capture:
    • Tape was not new this time. Used old tape by recording over last event.
    • Created destination folder on correct drive… I know this should have been done on the first tape, but I am a newbie.
    Had past success by letting the capture process happen, finding data, then cut and paste info into desired folders. During the capture mode everything looks fine like previous events, but this last project is nowhere to be found after 4 attempts.

    I have exhausted the help menus and message boards. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    it probaly is there but under a weird folder - in the search bar for windows explorer search for terms like "*.avi" if you put in a star it looks for anything with ".avi"

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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    The search did find the last three tapes but nothing on my latest project.

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    If you can't locate the files; if you can't see any reference to the capture and especially if you can't see any content in this "new" folder, chances are you didn't actually capture anything?

    Can you try this please:

    #1 - Re-open the Capture session

    #2 - GO >> Options >> Preferences >> Disk Management (tab) and confirm IF the new folder path is there AND that it is indicating the Size and Free space



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    Thanks Grazie,

    There are actually two folders listed. One is my last successful project and the other above it is the lastest attempt (it has a check mark in the box next to it). The size and free space is the same for both. Size is 167.38GB Free space is 59%.

    There are two things I see in the file for my recent project and they are 1 KB in size each:
    Vegas Redo Buffer 1.tmp
    Vegas Undo Buffer 1. tmp

    I looked in the folder marked with the previous project to see if the info was captured and renamed, but there was nothing.

    I am not sure why it appears the capture is functioning (4 times), but no results in the end? Any clues? Thanks for your time.


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