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    So the only software I've used up to this point is Pinnacle, and I was able to author DVD's with menus ect (although the program seemed to have trouble with it).

    I'm trying to decide on a new pogram, eithir Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, or Vegas. It seems though with both, I would need to buy the DVD authoring program (Encore DVD, DVD Architecht) to make DVD's with menus ect.

    Am I correct, or can you do it right in each editing program, with the DVD authoring programs just providing more DVD authoring features?

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    In Premiere pro v2 you can make DVDs with chapters and menus.

    It is limited though. I beleieve you are obliged to work with templates all the time and once a template is used you cannot add extra buttons so it is quite limited. For these reasosn I have, as yet, never opened the DVD authoring options within Premiere pro 2. I always use Encore for the extra felxibility.

    However, if Adobe is your thing then there is good news. Encore is no longer a seperate app. Ok, it is, but you always get it bundled with Premiere as of vCS3. Basically, if you buy Premiere Pro CS3 you will get Encore CS3 as well for no extra cost.

    As such I presume the 'cheap' DVD authoring options have been removed from CS3.

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