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    I use Adobe Premier Pro and, occasionally, I will import a standard MPEG video into a project and the audio will be out of sync with the video. I know the video is fine because I've viewed it prior in a different player (WMP, etc.) with no problem. I don't know if it's the size (20-50 minutes average) or what.
    Does anyone know what causes this and how to bring it in correctly?

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    Discussed to death (and back) lately. Convert your (highly compressed) mpeg2 files to more editable AVI files.

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    Grand! So it would appear that Premier doesn't care for mpeg2 files much and would rather have DV avi files.
    I guess my problem is that I'm coming from .VOB files and converting them by just changing the extension. Is there a better way or some software that will get me to a more stable format?

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    I'm just looking for the best way to convert .vob files to an editable .avi version.

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