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Thread: Projecting from Mini DV to large TV

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    Default Projecting from Mini DV to large TV


    Probably a very simple question but I don't know the answer!

    I want to project direct from my Panasonic mini dv video camera onto a tv - (ie use the camera as a cctv camera if you like). This would be useful for close up's for those at the back of the hall etc onto a large screen when videoing our Scout Group Gang show etc.

    Can I do it? If so how easy is this to do and what extra equipment would I need? I don't have a clue how to set it up!

    Also are there any good books on the market which cover camera work of this nature?


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    Just connect the camera to the telly using the supplied AV lead.

    You probably have the option of using phono inputs (red, white and yellow plugs), or a scart adapter.

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