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Thread: Workflow for instructional DVD + Codec question

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    Default Workflow for instructional DVD + Codec question

    Hi all,

    I'm working on an instructional DVD project. I'm filming in HD with a Canon XH-A1. The DVD will have several chapters or topics explaining different aspect of the product (assembly, concepts, use, maintenance, etc...).

    I have a very fast computer and I have no problem doing all my editing work in full HD. I do have 2 main questions that would help me a lot in the process.

    1. I'd like to know what would be the best workflow. Making separate veg files for each topic than merge them later in DVD Architect or make the whole thing in one big file and work it out in DVDA?

    2. Obviously, all my takes are in HD and I need to render them into SD so anyone can play them (the product will be distributed to the public). What would be the best approach to do that? I would really appreciate here if I can be pointed out to a step by step document I can follow until I get some more understanding of the process. I read a few post on rendering to MPEG2 and extract the audio in AC3 and finish the work in DVD Architect. I would appreciate if those steps could be a little more documented.

    Thanks for your help,


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    DONT Let DVDA do the work for you - its pants! It will work fine using basic functions but the second you start trying to create playlists it jus doesnt cut the mustard.

    Work in small Projects. If its an instructional DVD the viewer may want to watch say, part4, so hve a movie4 in place. Obviously you could do this with one long movie but lots of short movies work better as the dvd player is not haviong to deal with one huge file.

    Work in small Veg files and render them out individually.

    For your final render - just use the standard Vegas MPEG2 presets that are relevant to what your footage will be ie PAL MPEG2 Widescreen stream.
    Make sure DVDA is set to the same settings and all will be fine.

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