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Thread: Help pls. "Win Moviemaker" has only 2 levels of audio!

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    Default Help pls. "Win Moviemaker" has only 2 levels of audio!

    Hi everyone,

    I've used "windows moviemaker" for the images of my last holiday and I realized that I can only add either music or additional comments to the original audio connected to the original video.

    I don't have much budget to buy very expensive software but I was wondering if in the market there is some kind of software that is "basic" like win movie maker but it allows me to have 3 layers of audio (instead of 2 as in "win moviemaker"): original audio from the original shooting, music and additional comments.

    Do you know which is the cheapest that offers these basic functionalities?

    Thank you so much to the one(s) who will answer this post!!!


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    You can do it with windows movie maker, export your video with your 2 layers of audio and import it again. Then you have your two original layers of audio on one and have your second layer free again to add in your final audio.

    It's not ideal but it works.


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    Hi David,

    thank you v. much for your great suggestion!!!!!!


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