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Thread: Sony HC1 HD wide angle lens...!

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    Default Sony HC1 HD wide angle lens...!

    Looking to get a wide angle lens for my HC1, HERE don't want to spend the earth. Very interested to find if the HD output is affected by any additional lens bolted on the front of the HC1?

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    ...sorry there is a problem with my link on the above, the lens is on ebay the item numer is 190123256964 any help and assistance would be great.

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    I'm also looking for a wide-angle adaptor for my Sony HC7.
    Trouble is, I know from previous experience with adaptors on Standard Def camcorders that they always degrade the image in some way, either reducing resolution, distorting or adding chromatic abberations, clipping the corners of the image or disrupting the zoom, and I don't want any of this to happen to my gorgeously sharp HD images.
    So I think I'm gonna go with the Sony adaptor rather than another manufacturer because its designed specifically to match the Zeiss lens on the Sonys - has anybody tried one of these ??

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    no experience myself but agree with your post about off brands and would be very keen to learn of your results.

    i've need of very wide angle glass in my shooting and seeking a new HD package.

    wish camcorders were all (mostly) sold like still bodies with interchangable lenses... yes, like the canon 8 and dv (hd?) cams have.

    alas, i've a bag o' nikon glass...

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