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Thread: What to Charge for Service??

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    Default What to Charge for Service??

    I've been doing a bit of freelance video and editing for a couple different companies/organizations in the past while, but since I really don't consider myself to be a professional, I eithir did it for free, or for next to nothing.

    My services have been requested again, and I think I might try to make a go at this, but I have no idea what to charge.

    The one company wants a short commercial done, which would require an hour drive to the location, using my video camera, and then all required editing.

    I don't want to over charge, because I'm new and still learning, but I also don't want to get stiffed......any advise?

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    If your work is 'of merchantible quality' and it certainly would appear to be as they have offered you more work then you are worth the 'going rate'.

    You can work your nuts off for peanuts and all you will have is a big pile of peanuts.

    I am not the best person to advise on what that may be for a particular job. Personally I would quote at around 25 per hour plus expenses.

    If they balk at that (that kind of figure is peanuts to any functioning company), then all they may ever do is offer you peanuts.

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    Agreed. It's generally not coinsidered good to work cheap at first and then up the price. The company will expect the same quality next time for the same price. It's rare that a 'loss leader' like this actually pays any dividends.

    Decide on a reasonable hourly rate and quote that along with your best estimate of how long the edit will take. Also, get everything and I mean EVERYTHING under contract before you begin. make sure the contact explains what you will hand over and what you won't. i.e. consider whether you want to hand over the rights to the original footage and/or whether you are simply obliged to hand over the final edit in an agreed format.

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    To put things in perspective here's what i charge:

    Camera Man: 250 p/d
    Camera Kit: 280 p/d based on a PD150 with mic kit and small light kit.
    Fuel Costs: 0.42 per mile.
    Editing: 60 p/h or 400 p/d.

    Basically anything you spend money on you charge for and mark up on the cost if you can. Couriers, DVD/Tape stock - everything.

    It will feel odd to charge but you must. - The last thing you want to find i that at a later time you regret not getting to the habit of doing so. Remember its a business so do no-one any favours. They are hiring you because you have a skill - Charge accordingly and dont be a walk over!

    Good Luck

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    Great guys!

    Thanks for the info. I will think about it a bit and come up with something based on your advise.

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