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Thread: transfer troubles to PC.

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    Unhappy transfer troubles to PC.

    I have a SONY DCR-HC35 handycam that I use very sparingly. I recently tried transfering some footage onto my hard disk, but it came through with another soundtrack (a standard jingle generated by the Picture Package software!) instead of the one I'd recorded.
    Does anyone know how I can transfer the footage with the original soundtrack?

    Hope someone can help!


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    How did you connect the camcorder to the computer? Was it using USB or Firewire, I'm not familiar with that model of camcorder so I'll guess it is a MiniDV, correct me if I'm wrong. If it is Mini DV then it will have a Firewire socket, use this instead of USB as it will give the least problems in transferring your footage and give excellent picuture and sound quality. If you haven't got a Firewire/iLink cable you can buy one in TV/Video shops, computer shops etc. I would also stop using that software that came with your camcorder and use Windows Movie Maker 2 (even though it has limited output options - you can't burn onto a DVD) it will allow you to capture and edit your footage and get you started. You may then want to download a trial version of something like Adobe Premiere Elements 3 or whatever version is out now.

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