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Thread: Help Please with sony HDD & Premiere

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    Default Help Please with sony HDD & Premiere

    hi im new to the forums and this is my first post, so here goes.

    recently i bought a sony HDD handycam (dcr-sr72) thinking it would be nice and simple to drag the movies off the harddisc after i'd recorded them to the pc for editing, (via premiere pro)

    OK the problems started after i dragged the movies off on the pc (which they did just fine. i could only playback the videos with no audio in wmp11. so i had a look around the web and downloaded 'Ace Codecs Pro' installed all that fine, and can now get the vidoes to play fine with audio.

    My problem is though when i take the clips into premiere pro the play back very juddery skipping all through the clip even worse when theres a transition, now i know that this isn't down to the speed of my rig as i do a lot of editing on it. im sure its down to the codec the camera is using. It says in the manual MPEG-PS but i cant find anything about it online. also i recorded my footage in 16:9 but in premiere the res is only something like 720 x 576 (pal) so it looks like a streched 4:3 pic.

    any ideas or anyone had the same problem with these cameras, im trying to complete the footage of this video.

    please help.

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    Try converting your clips to DV AVI first. Then edit from there.

    Loads of threads covering this in these forums.

    MPEG2 clips from Hard Drive camcorders are notoriously awkward to edit with.

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    great 9Gb to convert to avi :(

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    The files may play in a jerky manner due to the fact they are mpg files and so need more processing.

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    Hey this might seem really basic but did you reder the files?

    Also guys this is my first time on this forum and I can't seem to figure out how to post my own thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korsa View Post
    great 9Gb to convert to avi :(
    Video editting can eat uyp you hard drives liek there's no tomorrow. Thankfully hard drive space is getting really really cheap now

    9GB of compressed footage is probably a couple of hours right? No idea how long it will take to convert but if you get standfard editable AVI's out th eback of your conversion route then two hours of video ready for editting will be about 25Gb.

    Think yourself lucky you're not editting high def. An hour of that is 45Gb!

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    good point so can anyone recommend a program to convert these mpeg files into avi's? i need to keep the quality spot on too....

    cheers for the reply's guys ^^

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    Hi Korsa,

    I also have the same problem with the same camera! I want to edit some clips of some fast moving cars, but when I converted them into avi's with SUPER I get a lot of motion blur, and generally bad quality. The clips look fine if watching the mpg through media player, and i am using the highest quality conversion settings so dont understand why it looks crap!

    Have you found a way to convert the clips into a useable format for premiere or movie maker but still keep the quality?

    Why does Sony insist on using stupid formats that dont work with anything else?!!

    Does anyone know of any editing software that will work with Sony .mpgs without having to spend ages converting?

    All help appreciated, this is really frustrating!


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    No, very annoying.... such a poo sustem to use.... the best results i could get were with these settings. there by far perfect but there the best results i could get :


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