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Thread: Urgent advice needed!!

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    I really need some help here to sort something out.
    I recently bought what I thought to be a 501HDV525PKit, this is a Manfrotto 501 HDV head on a 525 set of legs, it came with the padded bag as well.
    I payed 270 for this.

    When I received it I found that one of the locking levers on the upper legs was broken, I can just about manage to lock the legs but its pretty painful.
    Also the head is a 501 standard head which is in great condition.

    I managed to get hold of the seller and he will refund me 110, this will cover the alternate head and broken legs.

    Now my question is this, is a Manfrotto 501 head on a set of 525 legs that are not in perfect condition worth 160

    Also, is it possible to find a replacement locking lever for the tripod?

    I really need help on this pretty quick so I can get it sorted out.

    thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure what you're saying about the 501 head. It stated a 501 head and came with one - what's the issue? maybe there are two 'flavours' of the 501 head that I wasn't aware of.

    You never mentioned whether the legs came with a spreader or not.

    Personally, if it's borken and wasn;t advertised as such I would insist the whole thign be taken back and your money refunded and then spend the little extra and get the the same tripod legs but with the 503 fluid head on it instead of the 501. Trust me, you'll appreciate the difference.

    Something like this NEW Manfrotto MN-503 / 525 (MN503) video tripod kit (item 160128103996 end time 22-Jun-07 09:06:34 BST) (ebay link). I have this setup and can vouch for it. I've no idea who this particular vendor is though.

    A quick search revelas that the 501/525 kit retails at around 320 UKP + VAT so I wouldn't personally be upset at the price if it wasn't broken.

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    Yes, its got a spreader and padded bag,

    Hmm cant we do something about the spammers?

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