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Thread: 1394 Firewire Internal Male Header to 6-Pin Male Cable

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    Default 1394 Firewire Internal Male Header to 6-Pin Male Cable

    I am looking for a firewire cable - 6pin male to open leads.

    I have a PC case with a firewire connector on the front and a 6-pin header on the inside. With the case, I got a 0.5m ribbon cable with each pin at the end labelled and ready to plug into the Motherboard Firewire connector .... but my motherboard doesn't have one so I bought an innoDV 'DV-1000' Firewire card. This has 3 external ports and one internal port (shared with one external). I was hoping the internal connector was a 6pin header but it is a 6pin Firewire socket.

    So now I'm looking for a cable to connect them together.
    I have found this one ( but it looks expensive for what it is and I do not want to pay postage from the US to the UK.

    Anyone know a good UK supplier of cables ?

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    Still reeling from my afternoon run, so it took me 3 reads to figure out what you're trying to do

    This might help couldn't find a 6pin male to 6pin female though.

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    no that isnt what I need.

    I might have to buy a 6pin-male to 6pin-male cable and then cut off one end. The individually wire each connection to the PC case.

    Do Firewire cables all have standard colours ? - if not then it might be difficult.

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    You could try removing the firewire port/cable from your front panel and putting in a female to male cable, with the female side where the original firewire port was. You can hot-glue it to the inside of the case so it stays.
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    Darn my post-running misunderstanding. Wondered why you didn't call it a female socket. Think I'm with you now.

    So you've got a header connection, but nowhere on your mobo to plug it in. This might help i creating your own:

    or just buy one from here:

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    Thanks videonoob - I think that's the solution.

    Marc: Looks like the effects of your running still havent worn off.
    The is what I want - and with free international shipping, I'm going to get one. (just 6.18 )
    The other link you posted was the one I originally posted - but at $12.95 plus $18 postage, I wont be going for that.

    Thanks guys.

    I'm in no rush for this cable. .... now all I need is a video camera.

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    Now I'm really confused. I thought you had a header connection?

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    Hopefully I can clarify:

    PC case has 6pin 1394 socket on the front and behind it has a PCB with a 10pin (5x2) connector. Attached to the connector is a 10pin header on a ribbon cable (0.5m). At the end of the ribbon cable, each wire has individually female connectors (each labelled) and ready to plug into a motherboard set of pins. They are all separate to deal with different motherboards. I don't have provision on the motherboard but my DV card has a 6pin 1394 'female' socket.

    The item I initially referred to (at performance PC's) would do the job, but it was too expensive.
    The item I quoted in my previous post would mean that I would have to remove the existing connector from the PC case and 'glue' in the new device. Effectively extending the DV card connector right through to the front of the case.

    I have now found another item on the FrontX site - CPX509. This is identical to the original item from performance PC but will have a total cost of approx 4 instead of approx 18

    Sorry if my description of plugs/sockets, male/female and headers caused confusion.
    If I had realise all of this when I was buying all the parts for the PC, then I could have ordered slightly different bits.

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