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Thread: Background filling of video

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    Smile Background filling of video

    Hi all,

    I just found this forum. Looks like a great place for video authoring enthusiasts

    I'm working on a project and I'm stuck at a point. Can't find a solution to this.

    I have some dance video clips with me which I want to add to the main video. Those dance video clips have a dancer on a black background in them.

    I want to be able to background fill the videos with some color / better - with some other video / image.... (though colour would do just fine)

    Here's a small sample clip (just 87 kb)

    It'd be great if you could help me with this.

    Hope I get a positive response soon
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    it's easy enbough to make any singl;e colour of a video transparent so you can show somethign through it. this is done so much in hiollywood you wouldn;t beleive. usually, of course, the background being replaced is eiother a blue or a green screen. Ever watched a behind the scernes featureett on Star Wars? Then you know what I mean.

    You can do this for black as well. In you editor look for an effect called a 'Luma Key'. this effect can be made to change anythign i the picture that is black to transparent, allowing you to place anything you like on a layer below it and so appear as the background. the problem with black is that any chadows may also be picked up as they will, inevitably, contain a portion of the colour black in them. That's why special FX companies use a nice bright vivid primiary colour normally. Red works very well but not when people are involved because red is often a part of natural skin tones.

    You may be able to set a threshold against your black background and get good results if your 'talent' szhows good contrast against your black background.

    Of course, the "How" will depend on which specific s/w you use.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the detailed explanatory response Alan, appreciate the effort

    This is exactly what I'm looking for. Making the background black color transparent is the best solution, using the "Luma keying" effect.

    Can you please head me in the right direction if i use Pinnacle Studio as the software ?

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    Never used or even seen Pinnacle editting s/w so can;t help with that. Sorry.

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