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    Unhappy Audio Editing

    Good afternoon.
    It might be just a stupid and silly problem but I cant solve this out.
    I am using Vegas 7.0 for quite long time now and tryed for first time "Open in Audio Editor" option.
    Everytime I click it, it says the following :
    There is no Audio Editor specified in Preferences.
    I went there and didn't find anything usefull =\
    Would apriciate if somone would help.

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    For Vegas to use your preferred audio editor,you need to let vegas know what and where it is i.e Soundforge,Audacity, Audition etc. Click on Options>Preferences, Select Audio tab. You'll find a 'Preferred Audio Editor' window and you can browse for it there.

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    If you do have an Audio Editor on your system, this is where you can make a PATH to it.

    For example, I have SONY SoundForge9. I have set this up within preferences, as being my preferred Audio Editor.

    This means that :

    #1 - Right Click on Audio

    #2 - Option to OPEN in Sound Forge appears I select

    #3 - Sound forge opens and the AUDIO event from Vegas appears.

    #4 - I can work on the Audio portion within SF

    #5 - Go Save and when I return to Vegas the original Audio event has had a new "TAKE" added to the original.

    Totally neat!

    So, if you do have a sound/audio editor you can set this up within Preferences


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