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Thread: how could i do this?

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    Default how could i do this?

    ok. i was just messing around with vegas and i thought it would be cool to have a picture of a helicopter and have my flying over it so that it looked like i was in the air with it. and i want to get rid of the dirt bike back round, just have the dirt bike.

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    You'd be lucky!

    I can think of potentially 4 ways that this could be done. The "3rd option" is the least attractive and messy - but I'll throw it in and YOU can judge. In any event, how's your budget for this anyway?

    #1 - THE Way! Chroma-keying you riding in a well lit studio against a Green or Blue background

    #2 - The "Difference" Procedure. - And I really ain't certain this would work well on a pan anyway.

    #3 - Masking - ugh . .. this WILL be messy. BUT. If you have a fair, few instances of you with "single" mono tone BGs then it could look attractive - ish?

    #4 - Straight Simple Reshoot Getting back to Chroma keying. AND this WOULD work, but if you ain't got the footage then you will need to re-shoot - could be fun, if you were local to me I'd have a go. Get somebody to shoot you with BRIGHT blue skies behind you. You could EVEN attempt to do this on a claggy overcast day, as long as you had a fairly good illumin on your bike and you. I have done quite successful CK-ing out of blue skies and set different backgrounds to the original footage.

    Well, these "4" options would assist to a greater or lesser degree in removing OR not-putting-it-there-in-the-first-place pre-planning result. You would then need to do the fun part of sequencing and the relative positioning of the helo and you.

    Anybody got any other ideas? I'm all ears . .


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    darn, i thought i would have to do that. ya, i was trying to key out colors but i kinda blen in with the backround. i just thought i would be interesting to try. plus i have vegas 7 plantinum, and i dont think i have masking. do u kno if i do? how would u do the masking? would i have to cut out the picture of just me in every couple frames? but thanks alot for the help.

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    Default do you Chroma key???

    I add in the effect and it gives me sliders too move. it always effects the person...

    How do i do it???

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    Give this a read and you'll know in notime

    Chroma Keying DV in Sony's Vegas


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