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Thread: Need help w/ Sony Vegas

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    Question Need help w/ Sony Vegas

    Hello...well for starters...i have a ton of questions, but first of all:
    How do you cut footage? i'm trying to edit, and i don't seem to be able to cut stuff that i don't need
    Also, how can i add like a fade in between frames?

    For some reference, i have work w/ Final Cut Pro, but this is the very first time that i get my hands on Vegas, can someone direct me in the right direction plz i would deeply appreciated.


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    to cut, get to the part where u want to start the cut, press "s" (for split) and then split it again where u want it to end. then u should have a seperate clip in the middle, right click on it and from there click delete. and bring the two clips together or watever

    to get a transition just drag one u like from the transitions box and u have to drag it close to one end of the clip til it shows the arrow with a dotted square and plus sign.

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    You can also grasp the end of the clip and pull it back, watch out for the V notch on the clip that says the clip is repeating.
    You can also right click the clip and open in trimmer and do it there.

    For Xfades makes sure the icon (looks like a bishops hat I think) is pressed in the just slide one clip over another an you have an automatic Xfade, if it is not hat you want you can drag and drop one from the Transition box on to the fade and up pops the new TRX, you can then adjust it. If you hate the pop up after the drop then hold the SHIFT key while doing and it and it will not appear.
    You can also RC the TRX and chose the type of fade you want, be it linear or log.

    So many ways so little time.

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