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Thread: Help please (this is what I want to achieve)

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    Default Help please (this is what I want to achieve)

    Hello all new to the forums here.

    I have a bit of a dilema & came here for some help.

    I have about 30 gb of video from a 19 day cruise vacation. I would like to edit the video segments.(You know take pieces fo the video to form a final shorter version). Now I like premier elements & Ulead Video studio 11.

    What I would like to achieve is, when you watch a tv show they have a pop up graphic that has the commentators name or site location. How can I achieve this I don't just want text I want a graphic with text. Like I said the best way to describe it is a news program. It is almost like the graphic sits on top of the video then fades away while the video continues to play.

    Does anyone know how or if these two programs allow me to do this? If so how?
    Or do I need another software? I thank you all in advance for your help.

    here is an example * by the way the graphic is semi transparent
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    No problem, create your graphic in photoshop or whatever (or find one), it can be any quality you want. Save it as a bmp or jpeg. Then select around it & fill that area with black, then delete the graphic area leaving a black silhouette , the area where the graphic was should be white. Save that as an 8 bit monochrome bmp. Import both images into the images section of UVS11 (graphic & the black silhouette). Then select the timeline view, add your video clip to the video track, the graphic to the overlay track for however many seconds you want, resize it & move it to wherever you want it. Then in the attributes of the graphic there should be an option somewhere to add a mask, & a button to import your own mask (the black silhouette you made earlier). Select it, then move it & resize if necessary until it matches up with the graphic, it should make the surrounding area transparent allowing the video to show through. If your graphic is straight/rectangular with no curved edges then you won't need to make a mask, just position it over the video wherever you want. You could either use the text tool in the image editor that you created the graphic with, or you could do it with the text menu in UVS11. Any questions just ask.
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    I appreciate your help but is there an easier way? Like one click process software or something I am very new to this and you totally lost me.

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    It sounds difficult but it really is easy when you have had a go at it. It is the only way I know of with UVS11, there is a manual on their website in PDF format, which covers everything the program does & how to do it. What graphics do you want to place over your video? If there aren't that many I could create masks for you with photoshop & email you them.

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    I knocked this up using an old version of CorelDraw.

    Imported into Premiere Pro (similar to Elements), placed it on a video track above the video clip. Dragged a green screen key effect onto it, reduced the opacity slightly, and this is what it came out like.

    What version of Elements are you using ?
    Feel free to use this one (although it's only a rough and ready example) or let me know and I can make another one (specify what text you need on it).

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    Dude that looks awesome thats about what I want, I just wanted to use something similar to this minus the little logo thing you have created.

    But thats exactly what I want to do. I have premier elements 3.0, Photoshop cs3, photoshop elements 5.0,premiere cs3

    By the way this is a static only graphic right is there anyway to make it a moving graphic? Can the text be changed on the fly? so that the next scene of video has the same thing with different location (St thomas, St maarten,Cayman Islands etc..)

    *Update I figured out how to do it in both ulead and premiere elements. But it is only a static image is there anyway to make it an animated overlay? can animated overlays be done on premiere cs3? Because if it can then I will use the that version opposed to premiere elements.
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    might be a Coreldrawn issue but but using a green screen effect you realise you are making work for yoursefl or more accurately, for your render engine.

    Much better to create that graphic in a format that contains an alpha channel. When overlayed the rendering will be much easier without the chroma key effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Mills View Post
    create that graphic in a format that contains an alpha channel.
    I've wanted to know more about that for ages. To be honest, I wouln't even know what questions to ask about it. If you can tell me anything about alpha channels (terminology etc) I'd be really grateful.

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    You can make the image go wherever you want & resize & rotate etc in the Sony Vegas Platinum 7a free trial, just click the image (added to overlay), then Track Motion, & add a few key frames, positioning the image wherever you want.

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