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Thread: Sony DCR72E problems

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    Default Sony DCR72E problems

    Hi everyone, I have a problem which is beginning to consume me! I have recently purchsed a Sony DCR 72E HDD camcorder, installed the software and expected no problems but the movies and stills cause no end of problems . Windows movie maker shuts down with rundll32 problems and Windows photo gallery just crashes.

    Surely downloading MPEG2 files should not cause all these problems, am I just missing something.

    I am downloading to a laptop with 32bit Vista as the OS.

    any help or advice much appreciated.

    regards Mal

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    Your camera uses a different method of storing video footage (MPEG2 format) than tape-based miniDV cameras (DV AVI format).

    Video editing software developers are slowly playing catch-up with the new technology and are producing versions that can edit MPEG2 footage natively, but you may need to be patient before anything will interface seemlessly with your particular camera.

    This camera ships with Picture Motion Browser software, which purports to offer editing and DVD creation features. I note from the manual however that Vista is not mentioned amongst the system requirements. Vista is yet another thing that software developers are playing catch-up with. If you are having compatibility problems, it may well be worth contacting Sony customer support for advice/Vista updates.

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