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Thread: Camera onto computer need help here?

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    Default Camera onto computer need help here?

    ok i have a tv capture card and everything and can capture video onto computer but i need a good format to use because i have been using mpeg2 and editing in premier elements 2 and when i put it on dvd it does not seem smooth it seems choppy i would like to get video nice and clean any suggestions.

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    Convert it to DV AVI. This is the best editing format. It will not improve the quality of the clips - it will just make them easier to edit. But be prepared for some large filesizes - this is normal for DV.

    What quality does your TV capture card capture in? What is the frame size, framerate and compression codec used on the clips? The quality of the final output cannot be made better than the quality of the original footage.

    Here is a free converter: SUPER videos (Download links at bottom of page.)

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