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Thread: I made the final!

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    Default I made the final!

    Hi Guys,

    I made a video rather quickly, and it made it into the final of a competition.

    The sounds not perfect, the grading wasn't done, the lighting was forgotten about etc....

    as it was all rushed out (concept/shooting/editting/soundtrack/upload) in 2 hours.

    Not looking for criticism (although it's always welcome), just a few extra votes


    P.S. They messed up the aspect ratio their end

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    Watch out Gillette's marketing department don't go stealing your ideas!

    Step aside Becks.....

    Witty signature text coming soon...

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    A bit of a pointless production Mosh - but it got a vote from me!

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    Totally pointless... but I voted for you anyway.

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    Thx guys!

    It's appreciated!

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